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Japanese-inspired Bento boxes for a healthy lunch or dinner

“A peerless example of Japan in Amsterdam: the miso salmon, the sushi rice perfectly cooked, the pickled watermelon, and wasabi mayonnaise is a savory treat for adults.”

– Paul

“The marinated chicken, the pickled cucumber, the bbq leeks, the curry couscous hit all the right notes: sweet, savory, umami-rich and perfectly portable!”

– Maarten

Our boxes

Chicken yakitori and curry couscous

Curry couscous with almonds and mint

BBQ leek, mimosa eggs and balsamic vinaigrette

Frittata with grilled corn, almonds and parsley

Homemade cucumber kimchi

Chicken yakitori

Spicy aji amarillo sauce

Veggie ceviche and quinoa

Quinoa and the original Worcestershire sauce

Cherry tomato in vegan dashi

Avocado salsa

BBQ leek, mimosa eggs and balsamic vinaigrette

Veggie ceviche (carrot, beetroot, corn and radish)

Bell pepper hummus

Miso salmon loin and sushi rice

Sushi rice

Noodles and cucumber salad with sesame dressing and pine nuts

Pickled watermelon

Avocado salsa

Miso salmon loin

Wasabi mayonnaise


Inspired by Japan

Japanese Bento boxes – a balanced combination of ingredients for a healthy life. The Bento box is exactly enough  for a super healthy and nutritious meal.
Due to the combination of different ingredients, it never gets boring and there is always an explosion of flavor in your mouth.


We deliver through UberEats and Deliveroo.

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Daily: 11am-9pm


020 370 5516

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